13-Title: Multiresidue analysis for five synthetic pyrethroids in animal feeds using reversed phase HPLC

Authors: Navneet Saxena, Chander Mohan, Krishna Kumar and Dalip Lal

Source: Ruminant Science (2012)-1(2):153-155.

How to cite this manuscript: Saxena Navneet, Mohan Chander, Kumar Krishna and Lal Dalip (2012). Multiresidue analysis for five synthetic pyrethroids in animal feeds using reversed phase HPLC. Ruminant Science 1(2):153-155.


Pesticides have potentially adverse effects on vegetables, fruits, animals and human health. Indiscriminate use of pesticide resulted in persistence of their toxic residues in various environmental matrices. Thus the determination of pesticide residues in food, feeds and other environmental components like soil, water, fruits, vegetables and total diet has become increasingly essential requirements for consumers, producers and authorities for food safety. Pyrethroids are gaining increasing importance as insecticides in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, public health, and household usage. The cost of screening of food and feed samples can be reduced to great extent if suitable multiresidue methods are developed for different pesticides in single analysis. This paper reports a multi-residue method using HPLC with UV detector for determination of few synthetic pyrethoids (viz. cypermethrin, cyfluthrin, cyahalothrin, deltamethrin and fenevalerate) in animal feed. Acetonitrile and water was taken as mobile phase while discovery C18 column was used as stationary phase. The pesticides were detected at 240 nm wavelength. Linearity using this method was also found to be accurate and precise (r2>0.99).


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