15-Title: Gross and biometrical studies on humerus of chital (Axis axis)

Authors: OP Choudhary, R Mathur, S Joshi, G Beniwal and A Dangi

Source: Ruminant Science (2012)-1(2):161-164.

How to cite this manuscript: Choudhary OP, Mathur R, Joshi S, Beniwal G and Dangi A (2012). Gross and biometrical studies on humerus of chital (Axis axis). Ruminant Science 1(2):161-164.


The present study has been done on the humerus of chital. In humerus the musculo-spiral groove was shallow. The deltoid tuberosity was less prominent. The head was roughly rounded and the neck was well-defined. The lateral tuberosity was large and curved over the bicipital groove. The medial tuberosity was much smaller and did not divide noticeably. The coronoid fossa and olecranon fossae communicated by a small supra-trochlear foramen in some specimens. The average greatest length of the humerus of Chital was 19.86±0.04 cm. The average maximum breadth of proximal extremity, shaft and distal extremity was 5.39±0.02 cm, 3.48±0.03 cm and 3.65±0.03 cm, respectively. The maximum breadth of head was 3.79±0.03 cm.



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