19-Title: Therapeutic efficacy of antimicrobial drugs in clinical mastitis of cross bred cattle

Authors: Vaibhav Kumar, JS Patel, BR Patel, VK Mevada and AP Raval

Source: Ruminant Science (2012)-1(2):177-180.

How to cite this manuscript: Kumar Vaibhav, Patel JS, Patel BR, Mevada VK and Raval AP (2012). Therapeutic efficacy of antimicrobial drugs in clinical mastitis of cross bred cattle. Ruminant Science 1(2):177-180.


The objective of the present study was to determine the therapeutic efficacy of antibiotics in clinical mastitis of cross bred cattle. Therapeutic efficacy of Ceftriaxone with Tazobactum, Gentamicin and Enrofloxacin and their effect on mastitis and impact of therapy on diagnostic indicators such as modified California mastitis test (CMT) and somatic cell count (SCC) and biochemical composition (Per cent of Fat, solid not fat (SNF), lactose and pH) of milk were studied. Cross bred cattle affected with clinical mastitis were divided into three groups having 12 animals in each group. Group-I was treated with Ceftriaxone with Tazobactum @ 5mg/kg, Group-II was treated with Gentamicin @ 4.0mg/kg and Group-III was treated with Enrofloxacin @ 5mg/kg, for three consecutive days intramuscularly (I/M) along with supportive treatment as Pheniramine Maleate @ 0.5 mg/kg and Meloxicam @ 0.3 mg/kg (I/M). Milk samples of all three groups were collected before treatment (day 0) and thereafter on day 3, 5 post treatment periods for the analysis of CMY, SCC and biochemical composition of milk. Ceftriaxone with Tazobactum was found to be more effective treatment (83.33 per cent) as compared to Gentamicin (58.33 per cent) and Enrofloxacin (41.66 per cent) in clinical mastitis.


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