11-Title: Electrocardiographic studies in Surti buffalo calves

Authors: JP Varshney, SJ Parmar, VV Deshmukh and PS Chaudhary

Source: Ruminant Science (2013)-2(2):167-170.

How to cite this manuscript: Varshney JP, Parmar SJ, Deshmukh VV and Chaudhary PS (2013). Electrocardiographic studies in Surti buffalo calves. Ruminant Science 2(2):167-170.


Electrocardiography is an important diagnostic modality for detecting arrhythmias and conduction abnormalities in ruminants. This necessitates base line data to compare changes in electrocardiographic indices. The present study on electrocardiographic indices in Surti buffalo calves, employing base-apex lead system revealed mean values of  heart rate, P wave amplitude, and  duration, P-R segment, P-R interval, QRS amplitude and duration, S-T segments, amplitude and duration of the T, Q-T interval and R-R interval as 90.39±3.44 bpm, 0.195±0.010 mV, 0.0513±0.0014 sec., 0.11±0.0558 sec., 0.166±0.056 sec., 0.877±0.062 mV, 0.051±0.0017 sec., 0.167±0.034 sec., 0.278±0.043 mV, 0.065±0.027 sec., 0.284±0.089sec., and 0.671±0.041 sec., respectively. Comparison of base-apex and standard bipolar lead tracings in buffalo calves revealed that the complexes were significantly (P<0.05) large in base-apex than those of bipolar limb lead II. From this study, it was concluded that the use of base-apex lead is more suitable for electrocardiography of the buffaloes.


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