15-Title: Studies on the rumen fermentation pattern in cattle fed on concentrate mixture containing various levels of poultry litter and green sorghum forage

Authors: RS Pal, KS Singh and RK Joshi

Source: Ruminant Science (2013)-2(2):187-191.

How to cite this manuscript: Pal RS, Singh KS and Joshi RK (2013). Studies on the rumen fermentation pattern in cattle fed on concentrate mixture containing various levels of poultry litter and green sorghum forage. Ruminant Science 2(2):187-191.


Twelve fistulated adult cattle of 300±10 kg body weight used in switch over design for study of rumen fermentation pattern, after dividing them into 4 groups, of three each. Each experimental period was of 17 days duration consisting of 14 days preliminary period followed by 3 days period for collection of rumen liquor. The pH, total nitrogen and ammonical nitrogen of strained rumen liquor did not differ significantly but the contents of total volatile fatty acids on the treatments containing 0 and 27.78 per cent poultry litter did not differ significantly to each others, while at 41.67 and 55.56 per cent of poultry litter showed significantly lower concentration of total volatile fatty acids then the other two groups. It may be concluded that poultry litter levels up to 55.56% in the ration did not show any adverse effect on the animal’s rumen fermentation except reduction of TVFA concentration at higher levels of poultry litter.


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