16-Title: Effect of probiotics supplementation on growth performance of female crossbred calves in Banskantha district

Authors: PB Ingle, SR Bhagwat, KB Prajapati, AS Sheikh, BK Ashwar, MM Pawar, HD    Chauhan, RB Makwana, Ashok P Patel, Suresh Patel, Gaja V Patel, Vijay Choudhary, Sanjay Joshi and N Emmanuel

Source: Ruminant Science (2013)-2(2):193-199.

How to cite this manuscript: Ingle PB, Bhagwat SR, Prajapati KB, Sheikh AS, Ashwar BK, Pawar MM,  Chauhan HD, Makwana RB, Patel AP, Patel Suresh, Patel GV, Choudhary V, Joshi S and Emmanuel N (2013). Effect of probiotics supplementation on growth performance of female crossbred calves in Banskantha district. Ruminant Science 2(2):193-199.


An experiment of 105 days (including digestion trial in last seven days) was conducted at Mumanvas village of Vadgam taluka of Banaskantha district on 12 growing female crossbreed calves to observe the effects of probiotics supplementation. Twelve female calves were divided into two groups of six animals in each with completely randomized design. Control (C) group fed as per requirement, while in addition to control feeding 5 g probiotics/head/d was provided in Treatment (T) group. Probiotics was having Saccharomyces cerevisiae @ 1.5×108 cfu/gm and Lactobacillus sporogenes @ 5×107 cfu/gm. Calves were weighed at fortnightly intervals in morning, before feeding and watering for two consecutive days. The average DM, CP, DCP and TDN intake (kg/d) during digestion trial indicated significantly (P<0.05) higher DM intake in treatment group, but remained similar statistically when expressed in g/kg/100kg BW. The feed conversion ratio, intake of DM, CP, DCP and TDN remained statistically (P>0.05) similar between the groups. The average cost of feed/kg wt. gain was lower (P<0.05) in treatment group than in control. It may be concluded that probiotics supplementation is beneficial and cost effective in term of cost of feed/ kg wt. gain of experimental female calves.


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