12-Title: In vitro evaluation of sheanut cake based diets using RUSI-E-TEK 6Rand sheep rumen liquor

Authors: T Raghunandan, R Prasanna Kumar, D Nagalakhshmi and Pawan Kumar Naga

Source: Ruminant Science (2014)-3(2):189-193

How to cite this manuscript: Raghunandan T, Kumar R Prasanna, Nagalakhshmi D and Naga Pawan Kumar (2014). In vitro evaluation of sheanut cake based diets using RUSI-E-TEK 6Rand sheep rumen liquor. Ruminant Science 3(2):189-193.


In vitro dry matter degradability (IVDMD) of sheanut cake based concentrate mixtures replacing deoiled rice bran and wheat bran with different time intervals of 0, 24, 36, 48, 72, 98 Hours were studied. Based on IVDMD values, the rations were formulated for animal experimental trials. In vitro dry matter degradability (IVDMD%) of concentrate mixtures replacing deoiled rice bran was ranged from 38.01 to 55.04 and in vitro dry matter degradability of concentrate mixtures replacing wheat bran was ranged from 40.34 to 56.94. The dry matter deadability of the rations at 48 hours was taken into consideration and the values are comparatively lower for deoiled rice bran replaced rations than wheat bran.


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