13-Title: Effects of strategic supplementation to male buffalo calves in the peri urban areas of    Hisar

Authors: N Saxena, Chander Mohan, ML Sharma, VB Dixit, Vishal Mudgal and Dalip Lal

Source: Ruminant Science (2014)-3(2):195-197

How to cite this manuscript: Saxena N, Mohan Chander, Sharma ML, Dixit VB, Mudgal Vishal and Lal Dalip (2014). Effects of strategic supplementation to male buffalo calves in the peri urban areas of  Hisar. Ruminant Science 3(2):195-197


Male buffalo calves are the most neglected animals in the commercial dairy farms, which leads to high rate of mortality. A study was planned to find out the effect of strategic nutrient supplementation on the growth performance and economics of feeding in male buffalo calves in the commercial peri-urban dairies of the Hisar district of Haryana. Twenty six male buffalo calves were equally divided into two groups of 13 each, i.e. control with common practice of feeding and supplemented i.e. provided with supplemental nutrients for a period of nine months. Effect on growth rate and economics of feeding were assessed. Improved growth performance (p<0.01) was observed in the supplemented group. Thus rearing of male buffalo calves by supplemental feeding may be an economical and sustainable approach for the farmers.


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