26-Title: Fetal maceration in murrah buffalo (Bubalus bubalis): A case report

Authors: Anand Kumar Pandey, Gyan Singh, Kailash Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Parveen Kumar, RN Chaudhary, Satbir Sharma and Deepak Kumar Tiwari

Source: Ruminant Science (2014)-3(2):249-250

How to cite this manuscript: Pandey Anand Kumar, Singh Gyan, Kumar Kailash, Kumar Sandeep, Kumar Parveen, Chaudhary RN, Sharma Satbir and Tiwari DK (2014). Fetal maceration in murrah buffalo (Bubalus bubalis): A case report. Ruminant Science 3(2):249-250.


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