2-Title: Gross morphological studies on hypothalamo-hypophyseal-ovarian axis of Indian buffalo

Authors: Devendra Pathak and Neelam Bansal

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(2):137-143.

How to cite this manuscript: Pathak Devendra and Bansal Neelam (2015). Gross morphological studies on hypothalamo-hypophyseal-ovarian axis of Indian buffalo. Ruminant Science 4(2):137-143.


The present study was conducted to study the gross morphological and biometrical aspects of the hypothalamo-hypophyseal-ovarian axis in Indian buffalo. The head for hypothalamus and hypophysis cerebri and ovary of 48 numbers of buffaloes were utilized for the gross anatomical studies. The tissue samples were classified into four groups viz. prepubertal, follicular, luteal phase and pregnant. The hypothalamus of buffalo was located ventral to the thalamus and extended from optic chiasma to the mammillary body and formed the walls and the lower part of the third ventricle. The pituitary stalk connected the ventral surface of the hypothalamus. The length of hypothalamus during prepubertal period was significantly lower than pubertal period; however the length did not vary significantly during different phases of pubertal period. The hypophysis cerebri was located in an oblique manner. The gland was composed of three visibly distinct areas viz. adenohypophysis, neurohypophysis and pars intermedia. The infundibulum formed a swollen structure, median eminence through which it joined the hypothalamus. The weight of the pituitary gland during prepubertal period was significantly lower than during different pubertal period while it did not vary significantly during different phases of pubertal period. The weight of the ovary varied greatly during different phase of cycle. The gross morphological and biometrical parameters of components of hypothalamo-hypophyseal-ovarian axis of Indian buffaloes were established.


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