20- Title: SDS-PAGE profile of seminal plasma proteins of Sirohi buck semen

Authors: AKS Sikarwar, NK Sinha, N Ramachandran, R Ranjan, Chetna Gangwar and JK Agrawal

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(2):213-214.

How to cite this manuscript: Sikarwar AKS, Sinha NK, Ramachandran N, Ranjan R, Gangwar Chetna and Agrawal JK (2015). SDS-PAGE profile of seminal plasma proteins of Sirohi buck semen. Ruminant Science 4(2):213-214.


The study was conducted to evaluate the relative changes in seminal plasma proteins of freshly collected and frozen thawed buck semen with the help of SDS-PAGE. SDS- PAGE showed bands with more intensity in post thawed sample where as it was lesser in pre freeze semen samples. In lane with fresh neat diluted semen without egg yolk, protein bands were visible between 12 kDa to 21 kDa bands. The concentration of proteins in bands between 42 kDa to 66 kDa, was very low as compared to all other samples, when samples were frozen with glycerol. It was concluded that there were differences in the seminal plasma protein profile from Sirohi bucks with different semen freezability. A higher proportion of spermatozoa possessed intact membrane prior to cooling.


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