5-Title: Gross anatomical studies on the thyroid gland of goat

Authors: Sanjeev Joshi and Rakesh Mathur

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(2):153-156.

How to cite this manuscript: Joshi Sanjeev and Mathur Rakesh (2015). Gross anatomical studies on the thyroid gland of goat. Ruminant Science 4(2):153-156.


Thyroid glands of forty male goats were grossly examined in the present study. These were bi-lobed, dark reddish brown in colour. Both lobes were almond shaped; however, the right one was slightly elongated. The thyroids were located just below the lateral surface of the cricoid cartilage of larynx on the ventro-lateral side of the trachea. The right lobe of the gland was positioned comparatively caudal to the left one. Both extended between 1st and 6th tracheal rings at the ventro-lateral aspect.  Lobes of both the sides were connected to each other at their caudal end by a thin filamentous isthmus. The isthmus was absent in three goats out of the forty goats studied. In the present study the right thyroid was slightly greater in length, breadth, thickness, weight and volume than that of the left lobe of the thyroid gland.


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