Effect of feeding gram straw based complete rations in diverse physical

Title: Effect of feeding gram straw based complete rations in diverse physical forms on the rate of passage of digesta and retention time in the rumen of goats

Authors: Anita, Vishnu Sharma1, Sanjita Sharma, Monika Karnani and Manish Kumawat

Source: Ruminant Science (2016)-5(2):201-203.

Cite this reference as: Anita, Sharma Vishnu, Sharma Sanjita, Karnani Monika and Kumawat Manish (2016). Effect of feeding gram straw based complete rations in diverse physical forms on the rate of passage of digesta and retention time in the rumen of goats. Ruminant Science 5(2):201-203.


The objective of the present study was to know the effect of feeding diverse physical forms of gram straw based complete rations viz. mash (T1), pellet (T2) and block (T3) on the passage rate, and the rumen retention time in goats. Complete ration was formulated with gram straw and concentrate in ratio of 60:40 and processed as mash, pellet and block forms. The experiment was conducted in ‘switch over design’ using six adult Marwari goats (average body weight (27.65+0.42) kg and uniform conformation). Highly significant (P<0.01) difference among the three physical forms for 5% excretion time and rumen retention time was reported. Mean retention time was also variable (P<0.01) among all the three forms, highest for mash form (T1) followed by block form (T3) and lowest in pellet form (T2). The present study indicated that physical forms of feed significantly affected the rate of passage and was faster in the pellet than block and mash forms and thus complete ration in mash form remained in rumen for longer duration than block and pellet form.


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