Gross and morphometrical observations of eyeball in buffalo calf (Bubalus bubalus)

Title: Gross and morphometrical observations of eyeball in buffalo calf (Bubalus bubalus)

Authors: Abhinov Verma, Archana Pathak, MM Farooqui, Ajay Prakash and Prabhakar Kumar

Source: Ruminant Science (2016)-5(2):169-172.

Cite this reference as: Verma Abhinov, Pathak Archana, Farooqui MM, Prakash Ajay and Kumar Prabhakar (2016). Gross and morphometrical observations of eyeball in buffalo calf (Bubalus bubalus). Ruminant Science 5(2):169-172.


The study was conducted on 10 eyeballs, collected from 1 to 2 years old male buffalo calves of non-descript breed. The eyeball along with its adnexa enclosed in the fibrous periorbita lay in the conical shaped orbital cavity. Its horizontal and vertical axis was 35.10±0.38 and 34.30±0.42 mm respectively. The optical axis of eyeball was 31.58±0.49 mm. The sclera was a dense fibrous membrane which formed about 4/5th part of the fibrous tunic. It was thickest at the posterior pole. The cornea was thick at the centre and thin at the periphery (0.68±0.6 mm). The vascular tunic was composed of chorioid, ciliary body and iris. The ciliary process were small at their origin but became thick and large towards iris. The retina was off-white coloured delicate membrane, which extended from entrance of the optic nerve to the ciliary body. The lens was enclosed in a transparent elastic capsule and held in position by the suspensory ligament. The thickness of lens was more in the center (8.67±0.15 mm) than at the periphery (4.41±0.16 mm).


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