Histochemical studies on ovarian rete system of buffaloes

Title: Histochemical studies on ovarian rete system of buffaloes

Authors: Nawesha Kumari, Neelam Bansal, Varinder Uppal and Anuradha Gupta

Source: Ruminant Science (2016)-5(2):173-177.

Cite this reference as: Kumari Nawesha, Bansal Neelam, Uppal Varinder and Gupta Anuradha (2016). Histochemical studies on ovarian rete system of buffaloes. Ruminant Science 5(2):173-177.


The present study was conducted on ovaries of twenty apparently healthy buffaloes. Depending upon the age, the animals were divided into three age groups as prenatal, prepubertal and pubertal groups. The tissue samples were collected in 10% NBF were processed for paraffin sectioning and stained with Periodic Acid Schiff, Alcian blue, and Bromphenol blue for the demonstration of acid and neutral mucopolysaccharides and basic proteins. For localization of lipids, fresh tissue samples were subjected to cryostat sectioning and stained with Sudan Black B. The study revealed a strong reaction of PAS/AB in the basement membrane of rete tubules indicating that all the rete components were surrounded by a continuous basement membrane containing glycosaminoglycans. The moderate reaction of PAS/AB and bromphenol blue in the luminal contents of extraovarian rete and connecting rete of prepubertal and pubertal groups, which may be due to the presence of mucoproteins or glycoproteins. The presence of these histochemical moieties was correlated with the physiological activity of the rete system in buffaloes in the present study.


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