Histochemical studies of thyroid gland in prenatal development of Surti goat fetuses

Title: Histochemical studies of thyroid gland in prenatal development of Surti goat fetuses

Authors: R Menaka, KN Vyas and S Chaurasia

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(2):259-261.

Cite this reference as: Menaka R, Vyas KN and Chaurasia S (2017). Histochemical studies of thyroid gland in prenatal development of Surti goat foetuses. Ruminant Science 6(2):259-261.


The present study was carried out to elucidate the histochemical architecture of the capsule and parenchyma of the thyroid gland in Surti goat fetuses. The solid epitheloid cells showed strong reaction for basic proteins by Feulgen reaction in the fetuses of group-I. The histochemical activities of the thyroid capsule showed moderate reaction for acid mucopolysaccharides in the connective tissue in all age groups of fetuses. The follicular cells of the thyroid gland were highly reactive for PAS in group-I and II fetuses. The colloid of the thyroid follicles showed intense PAS reaction in the fetuses of group-II than group-III . In the fetuses of group-I, the thyroid follicles did not contain colloid in their lumen and were negative for acid mucopolysaccharides reaction in early fetal stage. The interfollicular area had shown moderate to strong PAS positive reations. The parafollicular cells had shown moderate PAS reaction in the group-I and group-II fetuses.


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