Gastrointestinal parasitism in buffaloes from Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh

Title: Gastrointestinal parasitism in buffaloes from Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh

Authors: Nirmala Jamra, G Das, V Agrawal, AK Jayraw, MS Jamra and GP Jatav

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(2):299-303.

Cite this reference as: Jamra Nirmala, Das G, Agrawal V, Jayraw AK, Jamra MS and Jatav GP (2017). Gastrointestinal parasitism in buffaloes from Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh. Ruminant Science 6(2):299-303.



Faecal sample examination of 687 buffaloes from Khargone, Barwani and Dhar districts of Nimar region revealed 39.88% prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites. Different gastrointestinal parasites, viz. strongyles (15.37%), amphistomes (10.19%), Eimeria spp. (9.17%), Fasciola spp. (5.97%), Toxocara spp.  (5.24%), Moniezia spp. (2.91%), Trichuris spp. (1.60) and Strongyloides spp. (1.31%) were recorded in decreasing order from this region. Except amphistomes, Fasciola spp. and Eimeria spp., other parasites did not reveal significant variation between seasons of the year (winter and summer). Except Strongyle and Toxocara spp., other parasites did not show significant variation (P<0.05) between the two sexes. In case of adult buffaloes, the prevalence of strongyles, amphistomes, Fasciola spp. and Moniezia spp. was significantly high (P<0.01; P<0.05) whereas in case of less than one-year-old buffaloes, the prevalence of Toxocara spp. was significantly high (P<0.01). Findings of the present study can be used as a baseline data for planning future research and control strategies against gastrointestinal parasites in this region.


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