Effect of leptin gene polymorphism on reproduction and production traits in Sahiwal cattle

Title: Effect of leptin gene polymorphism on reproduction and production traits in Sahiwal cattle

Authors: V Pandey, R Nigam, SP Singh, Deepak Sharma, Madhu Tiwari and Rambachan

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(2):237-242.

Cite this reference as: Pandey V, Nigam R, Singh SP, Sharma Deepak, Tiwari Madhu and Rambachan (2017). Effect of leptin gene polymorphism on reproduction and production traits in Sahiwal cattle. Ruminant Science 6(2):237-242.


This study was designed to explore the genetic polymorphism in LEP gene by LEP/BsaAI assay in Sahiwal cattle and their associations with reproduction and production traits. The blood samples were collected from 69 Sahiwal cattle and LEP/BsaAI genotypes were analyzed using PCR-RFLP method. The results showed three genotypes AA, AB and BB with 21.74, 50.72 and 27.54% frequencies, respectively and allele frequencies were 0.47 for A and 0.53 for B alleles. The results of the study revealed significant association of LEP/BsaAI genotypes with lactation period, total milk yield, milk yield in 300 days, peak yield and days to reach peak yield in Sahiwal cattle. This genetic information of bovine leptin gene could be valuable in marker assisted selection to improve milk production and reproductive potential of Sahiwal cattle.


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