Organogenesis of rumen of goat (Capra hircus) in early prenatal stage (0-50 days) of gestation

Title: Organogenesis of rumen of goat (Capra hircus) in early prenatal stage (0-50 days) of gestation

Authors: Varsha Gupta, MM Farooqui, Ajay Prakash, Archana Pathak and Prabhakar Kumar

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(2):247-254.

Cite this reference as: Gupta Varsha, Farooqui MM, Prakash Ajay, Pathak Archana and Kumar Prabhakar (2017). Organogenesis of rumen of goat (Capra hircus) in early prenatal stage (0-50 days) of gestation. Ruminant Science 6(2):247-254.


The study was conducted on the developing rumen collected from 12 healthy and normal foeti of either sex of goat upto 50 days of gestation. The primordium of the rumen was first noticed on 38th day of gestation between 11th to 13th rib. The shape of the rumen during this stage of gestation was quadrilateral. The development of the dorsal sac of rumen was faster than ventral sac. The cranial and caudal transverse grooves and, right and left longitudinal grooves were observed at 46 days and coronary grooves were observed at 50 days of gestation. Well distinguished cranial and caudal pillars were observed on 46 days of gestation. Microscopic study revealed that the wall of foetal rumen was made up of only three strata i.e. epithelium, pleuripotent blastemic tissue and serosa. The ruminal wall was lined by undifferentiated stratified epithelium. The lamina propria, submucosa and tunica muscularis were non independent strata and were termed as pleuripotent blastemic tissue. Fine reticular fibrils surrounding the clusters of differentiating smooth muscle cells appeared at 46 days of gestation. The epithelium contributed more than half (54%) part of the ruminal wall and serosa was thinnest (4%). Well defined ruminal pillar was first observed at 38 days of gestation. Epithelial cell of the basal zone exhibited intense PAS and Feulgen reaction, moderate reaction for bound lipid and weak reaction for AMPS. 


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