Authors: KB Vala, AJ Dhami, RJ Raval, HP Vijyeta, SS Parikh and JS Patel

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(2):275-278.

Cite this reference as: Vala KB, Dhami AJ, Raval RJ, Vijyeta HP, Parikh SS and Patel JS (2018). Influence of various factors around parturition on uterine involution and post partum fertility in Jaffarabadi buffaloes. Ruminant Science 7(2):275-278.


Present study was carried out on 40 transitional Jaffarabadi buffaloes to evaluate the effect of factors such as sex and weight of calf, placental weight, placental expulsion time, gestation length, side of gravidity on uterine involution and postpartum fertility. The male calves were little heavier, slightly longer gestation period, took little longer time to expel relatively heavier fetal membranes. Weight of placenta had significant effect on calf weight (p<0.01) and on gestation length (p<0.05), mean values being higher for births with heavier placenta.


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