Authors: TV Sutaria, BN Suthar, HC Nakhashi, MP Patel and PM Chauhan

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(2):283-286.

Cite this reference as: Sutaria TV, Suthar BN, Nakhashi HC, Patel MP and Chauhan PM (2018). Ultrasonographic assessment of involuting reproductive tract in mehsana buffaloes with normal and abnormal parturition. Ruminant Science 7(2):283-286.


Total forty five Mehsana buffaloes irrespective of parity with normal (Group I) and abnormal (Group II) parturation were selected to evaluate the postpartum reproductive tract. The involution of reproductive tract was judged by ultrasonography using a 5-10 MHz linear array transducer from 5th to 45th day postpartum and revealed reduction in diameters o f cervix and uterine horns. It was concluded that the cervix was involuted well before 45th day postpartum regardless of type of parturation but uterine involution was delayed in abnormal parturited Mehsana buffaloes in comparision to normal parturition.


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