Authors: Vimlesh Kumar, S Purohit, MK Srivastava, Vijay Pandey and RP Pandey

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(2):311-318.

Cite this reference as: Kumar Vimlesh, Purohit S, Srivastava MK, Pandey Vijay and Pandey RP (2018). M-mode echocardiographic studies in apparently healthy goats. Ruminant Science 7(2):311-318.


Present study was conducted on twelve apparently healthy goats free from cardiothoracic diseases to generate the reference values of M-mode echocardiographic parameters. Animals were divided into two groups of 6 animals each on the basis of age and body weight . Positive correlation with both age and body weight were observed in EPSS, RVDd, LVDd, PWD, IVSs, LVDs, EF%, S%, LVM, LA/AO, EDV, ESV and cardiac output (CO) while only with age stroke volume and body weight with PWs. Significant (<0.01) positive correlation with body weight was observed in stroke volume. Stroke volume index (SVI) and Cardiac index (CI) were having negative correlation with age and body weight of the animals. Significant (<0.05) negative correlation with body weight was observed in heart rate  of the animals. The reference values of M-mode echocardiographic parameters  will help in diagnosis of various cardiovascular diseases in goats.


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