Authors: Jilmil George, SV Kuralkar, S Sajid Ali, PS Bankar, SG Deshmukh and Prajakta Kuralkar

Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(2):213-215.

Cite this reference as: George Jilmil, Kuralkar SV, Ali SA, Bankar PS, Deshmukh SG and Kuralkar Prajakta (2018). Study of polymorphism of kappa casein gene in Marathwadi and Purnathadi buffalo. Ruminant Science 7(2):213-215.


Present study was undertaken to detect the genetic polymorphism and allelic frequency of kappa-casein gene using PCR-RFLP technique and to observe the association of polymorphism with lactation milk yield in Marathwadi (N=28) and Purnathadi (N=21) buffaloes. The available data on total lactation milk yield was collected from the records and history sheets of unrelated Marathwadi and Purnathadi buffalo maintained at organized farms. The mean milk yields (kg) for Marathwadi and Purnathadi buffaloes were 724.81±38.53 kg and 937.60±54.35 kg, respectively. The PCR products (350 bp) were subjected for digestion using HinfI restriction enzyme which revealed a monomorphic pattern which was identified as BB genotype. Hence, the association study between Kappa casein gene and milk yield (kg) was not performed. Application of molecular marker along with conventional animal breeding practices could be useful for improvement in animal selection and identification of best alleles to utilize in breed selection


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