Detection of A1 and A2 alleles of beta-casein gene in Amruthmahal cattle

12.Title: Detection of A1 and A2 alleles of beta-casein gene in Amruthmahal cattle

Authors: Basavraj Inamdar, GS Naveen Kumar, KV Sudha and HM Yathish

Source: Ruminant Science (2019)-8(2):201-203

How to cite this manuscript: Inamdar Basavraj, Naveen Kumar GS, Sudha KV and Yathish HM (2019). Detection of A1 and A2 alleles of beta-casein gene in Amruthmahal cattle. Ruminant Science 8(2):201-203.


The present investigation was focussed on identifying A1 and A2 variants of beta casein gene in 50 Amruthmahal cattle by ACRS (Amplification Created Restriction Sites) method using TaqI restriction enzyme. The PCR-RFLP analysis revealed a single pattern consisting of 251 bp band in all the studied Amruthmahal animals. This indicated the presence of only A2A2 genotype and thus only A2 allele in the studied Amruthmahal cattle population.


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