Pathology of spontaneously occurring lung affections in goats

15-Title: Pathology of spontaneously occurring lung affections in goats: A slaughterhouse study

Authors: Paras Saini, Rajendra Damu Patil, Rajesh Kumar Asrani and Vipan Kumar Gupta

Source: Ruminant Science (2019)-8(2):213-216

How to cite this manuscript: Saini Paras, Patil Rajendra Damu, Asrani Rajesh Kumar and Gupta Vipan Kumar (2019). Pathology of spontaneously occurring lung affections in goats: A slaughterhouse study. Ruminant Science 8(2):213-216.



A total 303 lung tissue samples of slaughtered goats were screened to evalaue the occurrence of pulmonary affections, out of which, 57 (18.81%) samples exhibited gross lesions. Representative tissue samples of the affected lungs were collected in 10% neutral buffered formalin and further processed for histopathological evaluation. The pulmonary affections were classified as suppurative bronchopneumonia (12 cases, 21.05%), fibrinous bronchopneumonia (8 cases, 14.04%), interstitial pneumonia (5 cases, 8.77%), pulmonary abscess (3 cases, 5.26%) and hydatidosis (7 cases, 12.28%). Further, miscellaneous lesions viz. emphysema and atelectasis (6 cases, 10.53%), pulmonary congestion and oedema (9 cases, 15.79%), pulmonary haemorrhage (3 cases, 5.26%); and bronchitis and bronchiolitis (4 cases, 7.02%) were also recorded. Occurrence of bronchopneumonia was higher than interstitial pneumonia in goats from Himachal Pradesh.


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