Pathohaemorrhagic lesions of ovary and uterus in cattle

18-Title: Pathohaemorrhagic lesions of ovary and uterus in cattle

Authors: Anita Rathore, Hemant Dadhich and  Sunita Rani

Source: Ruminant Science (2019)-8(2):225-226

How to cite this manuscript: Rathore Anita, Dadhich Hemant and Rani Sunita (2019). Pathohaemorrhagic lesions of ovary and uterus in cattle. Ruminant Science 8(2):225-226.



The present investigation was carried out on 390 samples of the female genital tract of cow belonging to different age and breeds, of which 156 (40%) were found to have various abnormalities. Out of these, 119 (30.5%) samples revealed pathological lesions in the ovary and uterus, of which 6 cases (3.84%) were of haemorrhages. Grossly, the blackish-red coloured spots were seen on the surface of the ovary, the uterine mucosa revealed hyperaemic and closure to the cervix, there was a large accumulation of blood and mucous in the uterine cavity. Microscopically, the ovarian stroma was diffusely filled with RBC’s and massive area of haemorrhage seen in the uterine cavity.


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