Critical analysis of consumer perception on dairy production

22-Title: Critical analysis of consumer perception on dairy production in urban and peri-urban areas of Uttar Pradesh

Authors: Shivani Singh, Amit Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Singh and Rashmi

Source: Ruminant Science (2019)-8(2):243-246

How to cite this manuscript: Singh Shivani, Singh Amit, Singh Sanjeev Kumar and Rashmi (2019). Critical analysis of consumer perception on dairy production in urban and peri-urban areas of Uttar Pradesh. Ruminant Science 8(2):243-246.



Present study was conducted to examine the consumer perception of dairy production and products in Urban and Peri-Urban area of selected Agra Division of Uttar Pradesh and primary data were collected through pretested structured interview schedule and group discussion method. The response for consumer perception was collected on four indicators i.e. Consumer need, Quality of milk, Impact on environment and impact on public health. Remunerative market price of milk is highly weighted by consumers need because it depends on the socio-economic conditions of consumers. The customers were quality conscious people and they don’t want to compromise with the quality of food items especially milk and respondents are willing to pay an additional price for extra-safe milk. The customers were well aware about the consequence on the environment like pollution that arises due to improper disposal of waste of dairy farms,  poor handling of manure and deforestation cause in urban areas. Chemical residues of pesticides/drugs in the milk of dairy animals can cause negative effects on human health as they indirectly reach in the body through synthetic pesticides in forage/ fodder that was feed to animal or through medication. Therefore traditional farmers face new and real challenges from like feed availability and its costs, prolonged droughts, climate change and the erosion of natural resources and measure should be taken to counter it.


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