Comparative evaluation of acrylic and polypropylene bars for external skeletal fixation in bovines

24-Title: Comparative evaluation of acrylic and polypropylene bars for external skeletal fixation in bovines

Authors: Richa Chourasia, Shobha Jawre, Randhir Singh, Yamini Verma, Nidhi Gupta, Apra Shahi,  Babita Das and Rajesh Ku Vandre

Source: Ruminant Science (2019)-8(2):251-256

How to cite this manuscript: Chourasia Richa, Jawre Shobha, Singh Randhir, Verma Yamini, Gupta Nidhi, Shahi Apra,  Das Babita and Vandre Rajesh Ku (2019). Comparative evaluation of acrylic and polypropylene bars for external skeletal fixation in bovines. Ruminant Science 8(2):251-256.



External Skeletal Fixation (ESF) provides early weight bearing and joint mobility with preservation of local blood flow to the fracture site and is very useful in the treatment of compound fractures. Bilateral linear external skeletal fixation was performed on 12 bovines, weighing 100 kg and above. Acrylic or polypropylene connecting bars were used in the animals of group I and group II respectively consisting of 6 animals each. Weight bearing, as well as the radiographic union, was found to be better in group II. Thus, it was concluded that polypropylene connecting bars were more rigid, economic and provide better stability in ESF.


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