June 2018 7-1(2)

9.Title: Association of genetic variation at intronic region of bovine brca1 gene with occurrence of mastitis in HF crossbred cattle
Authors: Shankarappa Bhajantri, MR Jayashankar, R Nagaraja, YB Rajeshwari, A Krishnaswamy, SB Prasanna, S Naveen Kumar and HMYathish
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):37-41.

10.Title: Isolation and molecular characterization of pathogens associated with mastitis in Sahiwal cows
Authors: Pawanjit Singh, Rajesh Nigam, Amit Kumar and Vijay Pandey
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):43-46.

11.Title: Association of foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccine elicited immune response with reproduction and lactation performance traits in Hardhenu
                (Bos taurus x Bos indicus) cattle
Authors: Manjeet, BL Pander, Ankit Magotra, R Sharma, SS Dhaka, BS Malik and Kapil Dev
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):47-50.

12.Title: Comparative evaluation of Mehsana buffalo bulls by simple daughter and contemporary comparison methods using first lactation milk yield
Authors: JD Chaudhari, JP Gupta, DP Pandey, GA Parmar, BM Prajapati, MN Prajaparti and PA Patel
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):51-54.

13.Title: Age related histomorphological studies on the hemal nodes of Indian buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
Authors: Jaideep Kaur, Opinder Singh and Devendra Pathak
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):55-58.

14.Title: Prenatal development of humerus in goat (Capra hircus)
Authors: Avnish Chaudhary, Archana Pathak, Ajay Prakash, Abhinov Verma and MM Farooqui
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):59-62.

15.Title: Seasonal histoenzymic distribution of phosphatases and oxidoreductases in buffalo testis
Authors: Beenish Aslam, Neelam Bansal, Varinder Uppal and Anuradha Gupta
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):63-66.

16.Title: Histo-chemical study of uterus during different stages of pregnancy in goat (Capra hircus)
Authors: Vijay Kumar, SP Singh, MM Farooqui, Chetna Gangwar, Prabhakar Kumar and Ajay Prakash
Source: Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):67-70.

17.Title: Morphometrical studies on the orbit of goat (Capra hircus) of Mizoram
Authors: OP Choudhary, PC Kalita, PJ Doley, A Kalita and RS Arya
Source:Ruminant Science (2018)-7(1):71-72.