13-Title: Biochemical attributes of cattle and buffalo bull semen: A comparative study

Authors: Vijay Pandey, Rajesh Nigam, Atul Saxena, Pawanjit Singh, Ambika Sharma, Dilip Kumar Swain, Lokesh Sharma and Shilpi Dixit

Source: Ruminant Science (2012)-1(1):59-62.

How to cite this manuscript: Pandey Vijay, Nigam Rajesh, Saxena Atul, Singh Pawanjit, Sharma Ambika, Swain Dilip Kumar, Sharma Lokesh and  Dixit Shilpi (2012). Biochemical attributes of cattle and buffalo bull semen: A comparative study. Ruminant Science 1(1):59-62.


The present study was undertaken to establish the baseline semen biochemical indices as well as the difference in two species if any for Hariyana cattle and Bhadawari buffalo bulls. Six fertile, healthy adult Hariyana bulls and Bhadawari buffalo bulls aged between 2 to 4 years were used as semen donors. Twenty four semen samples (four ejaculates of each animals) were collected from bulls by using Artificial Vagina in the morning hours and immediately after collection, seminal plasma was separated by centrifugation. The results showed significantly higher values of AST, ALP, amylase, cholesterol and triglycerides in buffalo bulls as compared to bulls.  


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