9-Title: Income and employment generation pattern of tribal women in animal husbandry practices

Authors: S Sant, MK Mandal, NK Kirar and RPS Baghel

Source: Ruminant Science (2012)-1(1):45-47.

How to cite this manuscript: Sant S, Mandal MK, Kirar NK and Baghel RPS (2012). Income and employment generation pattern of tribal women in animal husbandry practices. Ruminant Science 1(1):45-47.


A study was conducted to assess the income and employment generation pattern of tribal women related to animal husbandry (AH) practices. Data were collected from 100 tribal respondents of 4 villages of Anuppur block of Anuppur district (MP). The study revealed that nearly all the tribal families were living below poverty line and they were employed at home. None of the respondent was engaged with employment generation activities related to animal husbandry from outside of their home. Majority of the respondents (76%) were engaged in AH activities for duration of 60 to 180 minutes per day and had medium level of employment status. Land holding and herd size of the respondents were positively and significantly correlated with the employment status of tribal women in AH practices.



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