1-Title: Ultrastructural features of the parathyroid glands of the camel (Camelus dromedaries)

Authors: MA Alzayer, AM Ali and SY Al-Ramadan

Source: Ruminant Science (2013)-2(1):1-6.

How to cite this manuscript: Alzayer MA, Ali AM and Al-Ramadan SY (2013). Ultrastructural features of the parathyroid glands of the camel (Camelus dromedaries). Ruminant Science (2013)-2(1):1-6.


The aim of this study was to characterize the parenchymal cells of the parathyroid glands of the camel using electron microscopy. External parathyroid glands from four mature camels were collected and further fixed for ultrastructural analysis. To date, little is known about the cellular components of parathyroid glands in camel. Here, we have show by electron microscopy that parenchyma of camel parathyroid is formed of four types of cells: Active chief cell, inactive chief cell, oxyphil cell and water-clear cell. The most striking result declared in this study is that water-clear cell is stable components of the adult parathyroid glands in the camel. This cell is characterized by intensively vacuolated cytoplasm and linked with some pathologic conditions in human but also detected in other normal animal species. While the general cellular features of active chief cells, inactive chief cells and oxyphil cells are very similar to those described for other species. No multinucleated cell could be detected in all samples examined.


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