15-Title: Cryopreservation of Bhadawari buffalo bull spermatozoa in tris and citrate based extenders

Authors: Alok K Sahrawat, Atul Saxena and Sanjay K Mishra

Source: Ruminant Science (2013)-2(1):67-70.

How to cite this manuscript: Sahrawat Alok K, Saxena Atul and Mishra Sanjay K (2013). Cryopreservation of Bhadawari buffalo bull spermatozoa in tris and citrate based extenders. Ruminant Science 2(1):67-70.


The aim of the present experiment was to study the effect of glycerolated egg yolk Tris (GEYT) and glycerolated egg yolk citrate (GEYC) extenders on freezability of Bhadawari bull semen. Semen samples (n=56) from four Bhadawari bulls aged between 4.5-5 years were collected using artificial vagina. The mean ejaculate volume, mass motility, concentration, total sperm concentration, progressive motility, livability and total sperm abnormalities were recorded as 2.76±0.11 ml, 3.41±0.06, 2271.20±69.92 millions/ml, 6374.16±353.11 millions, 75.39±.48%, 85.76±1.11% and 3.82±.24% , respectively. After thawing, the progressive motility was recorded as 56.49%, live sperm as 72.27 %, HOS as 69.16 %, per cent intact acrosome as 71.31% and total sperm abnormalities as 3.52% in Tris extended semen. The respective values in Citrate based extended semen were 54.56, 69.28, 67.36, 67.58 and 4.27 per cent. These findings indicate the superiority of GEYT over GEYC extender as it preserves the maximum seminal attributes.


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