22-Title: Retrospective study on relative efficacy of haemato-biochemical, radiographic and ultrasonographic changes in diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia in bovines

Authors: Rahul Kumar Udehiya, SS Singh, Jitender Mohindroo, Ashwani Kumar, M Raghunath and NS Saini

Source: Ruminant Science (2013)-2(1):89-95.

How to cite this manuscript: Udehiya Rahul Kumar, Singh SS, Mohindroo Jitender, Kumar Ashwani, Raghunath M and Saini NS (2013). Retrospective study on relative efficacy of haemato-biochemical, radiographic and ultrasonographic changes in diagnosis of diaphragmatic hernia in bovines. Ruminant Science 2(1):89-95.


Present study was conducted on 34 animals suffering from thoracoabdominal disorders. A retrospective analysis of clinical, haemato-biochemical, radiographic and ultrasonographic finding was done in 14 confirmed cases of diaphragmatic hernia. Plasma total proteins were recorded slightly lower and other haemato-biochemical parameters were within the normal limits. Radiography was performed in 10 animals that could confirm diaphragmatic hernia in 9 cases (90%) with a sac-like oval structure in thoracic cavity. B mode ultrasonography performed in all the cases was helpful in confirming diaphragmatic hernia in 12 out of 14 cases (86%) with the motility, present at the level of 4th/5th intercostal space. The results suggested that ultrasonography and radiography are equally reliable tools for diagnosis; however, ultrasonography may be preferred over radiography as it can be performed in standing animal without stress and radiation hazards to the animal and the operator.       


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