6-Title: Pathomorphology of spontaneously occurring pulmonary lesions in sheep (Ovis aries)

Authors: BH Priyadarshi, DV Joshi, BJ Patel, SH Raval and HA Patel

Source: Ruminant Science (2013)-2(1):31-35.

How to cite this manuscript: Priyadarshi BH, Joshi DV, Patel BJ, Raval SH and Patel HA (2013). Pathomorphology of spontaneously occurring pulmonary lesions in sheep (Ovis aries). Ruminant Science 2(1):31-35.


In the present study, pulmonary lesions were observed in 165 (15.28%) sheep out of 1080 sheep screened at slaughter. Among these lesions, pneumonia alone was encountered in 98(9.07%) sheep followed by pulmonary hemorrhage in 24(2.22%), pulmonary emphysema in 23(2.13%), pulmonary edema in 18(1.67%) and pulmonary hydatidosis in 2(0.18%) sheep. The bronchopneumonia was found to be common variety in 89(53.94%) sheep followed by interstitial pneumonia in 9(5.45%) sheep. The gross and microscopic changes of the pulmonary affections are discussed.


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