15-Title: Mineral status of buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) fed on sugarcane by-product based rations

Authors: R Prasanna Kumar, K Sivaiah and E Raghava Rao

Source: Ruminant Science (2014)-3(1):67-70.

How to cite this manuscript: Kumar R Prasanna, Sivaiah K and Rao E Raghava (2014). Mineral status of buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) fed on sugarcane by-product based rations. Ruminant Science 3(1):67-70.


Blood samples were collected  during sugarcane harvesting season i.e. December to March from buffaloes of two villages i.e. Kommaravaam and Velpur of west Godavari district where sugarcane tops and trash based rations was fed. The serum levels of minerals like calcium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese and cobalt were analysed. The average serum calcium levels of growing bull calves fed on sugarcane tops at kommaravaram were 23.18±4.28, 03.02±0.61 and 6.38±1.41 mg/100mL, at Velpur 18.08±083.24, 2.80±0.83 and 13.53±0.58 mg/100mL during December, January and March month, respectively. Trace minerals Iron levels were 3.65±0.55, 2.87±0.27 and 10.69±0.22 and in Velpur village values were 3.34±0.28, 3.24±0.33 and 9.02±0.77 ppm/100mL of serum during December, January and March months, respectively. In the present study the serum levels of calcium in lactating buffaloes was highest at the beginning of the sugarcane harvesting season and within period of one month has gone down to as low as 4.0 mg/100mL of blood. Similar trend was observed with respect to growing bull calves in both villages. The serum levels of trace minerals viz. iron, zinc, copper, cobalt and manganese (ppm) were very low at the start of the season in both the villages.


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