16-Title: Effect of thermal stress on thyroid hormone and cortisol levels in goat

Authors: Sumeet Kour, Jonali Devi, K Kour and D Chakraborty

Source: Ruminant Science (2014)-3(1):71-74.

How to cite this manuscript: Kour S, Devi Jonali, Kour K and Chakraborty D (2014). Effect of thermal stress on thyroid hormone and cortisol levels in goat. Ruminant Science 3(1):71-74.


The influences of thermal stress (heat and cold stress) on hormonal parameters in relation to thyroid activity were studied in Beetal and Toggenberg goats. A total of 36 healthy adult (2-4 years of age) female Beetal (n=18) and Toggenberg (n=18) goats were selected. Blood samples were collected and analyzed for different parameters by immuno chemiluminiscence microparticle assay method. For the season and breed interaction, significantly (P<0.01) higher concentrations of hormones (T3, T4 and cortisol) were found in Toggenberg breed of goat in all seasons. Thyroid hormones were significantly (P<0.01) higher in winter, whereas cortisol level was higher in both summer and winter seasons. Among the two breeds all the parameters were significantly higher in Toggenberg breed of goat. The serum T3 and T4 had a significant positive correlation with the blood metabolites like glucose and cholesterol concentrations, whereas, triiodothyronine had a significant negative correlation with serum AST and ALP activity. Therefore, it can be concluded that the hormonal parameters changed with thermal stress and a significant variations of these parameters were observed between Beetal and Toggenberg goats.


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