7-Title: Histological studies on the liver and gall bladder of Marwari goat

Authors: MK Bamaniya, RK Mathur, S Joshi and RS Pal

Source: Ruminant Science (2014)-3(1):33-36.

How to cite this manuscript: Bamaniya MK, Mathur RK, Joshi S and Pal RS (2014). Histological studies on the liver and gall bladder of Marwari goat. Ruminant Science 3(1):33-36.


Histological srudy revealed that liver was invested by outer peritoneal covering and inner Glisson’s capsule composed of connective tissue. The connective tissue fibers were loosely arranged and included collagenous and reticular fibres. The continuity of the capsule with connective tissue of portal areas was not evident. The reticular fibers formed the stroma. Collagenous fibers were also found throughout the liver. The lobules were made up of the central vein, the portal area and the one cell thick hepatocyte cords which were not delineated with connective tissue. The sinusoids were narrow and cylindrical lined by endothelial cells and Kupffer cells. The endothelium was continuous upon basal lamina. The liver exhibited dual blood supply via the portal vein and the hepatic artery. The bile canaliculi were expanded intercellular spaces between the hepatocytes. Numerous mucous glands were present in the mucosa of hepatic, cystic and common bile ducts, whereas no glands were observed in the mucosa of gall bladder.


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