8-Title: Morphological and morphometrical studies on vesicular glands of goat foetii (Capra hircus)

Authors: MM Farooqui, Chandrapal, Prabhakar Kumar, Archana Pathak and Ajay Prakash

Source: Ruminant Science (2014)-3(1):37-39.

How to cite this manuscript: Farooqui MM, Chandrapal, Kumar Prabhakar, Pathak Archana and Prakash Ajay (2014). Morphological and morphometrical studies on vesicular glands of goat foetii (Capra hircus). Ruminant Science 3(1):37-39.


Present study was conducted on vesicular glads of 56 goat foeti with prenatal age ranged from 31 days of gestation to full term. The foeti were divided into four group’s viz. Group I (31-60 days), Group II (61-90 days), Group III (91-120 days) and Group IV (121-till full term). The anlagen of seminal vesicles were first observed on 55th days of gestation and became tube like on 60th day. Inter glandular groove was observed in between the glands. The gland showed lobulations on its dorsolateral aspect of its cranial end by 84th day of gestation. The gland became roughly rounded after 88th day of gestation. The biometrical analysis showed the significant growth of the same in terms of all the parameters.


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