Microbiological and histopathological eveluation of ovine

10-Title: Microbiological and histopathological eveluation of ovine listeriosis in Bahrain-A case study

Authors: MI Abubakr, MN Nayel, AO Abdelrahman, AS Adam and EF Marghani

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(1):49-50.

How to cite this manuscript: Abubakr MI, Nayel MN, Abdelrahman AO, Adam AS and Marghani EF (2015). Microbiological and histopathological eveluation of ovine listeriosis in Bahrain-A case study. Ruminant Science 4(1):49-50.


Microbiological and histopathological evaluation of ovine listeriosis was conducted on a brain sample of sheep.  Listeria monocytogenes was isolated in pure culture from the affected animal as well as from the silage. Animal exhibited the symptoms  such as walking in circles “circling”, holding the head to one side of the body, in-coordination of movement, in-appetence, fever, muscular weakness, hind limbs paralysis, drooping of ears, recumbency and eventually death.


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