Effect of supplementation of a herbal preparation on performance of Marwari goats

15-Title: Effect of supplementation of a herbal preparation on performance of Marwari goats

Authors: AK Jain, RK Dhuria, T Sharma and TC Agarwal

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(1):61-63.

How to cite this manuscript: Jain AK, Dhuria RK, Sharma T and Agarwal TC (2015). Effect of supplementation of a herbal preparation on performance of Marwari goats. Ruminant Science 4(1):61-63.


Eight male Marwari goats of 18-24 months of age and 19.93±0.36 kg body weight were used to study the effect of a herbal preparation Catone on their performance after random allottment of equal number of goats into treatment and control groups. Performance was evaluated by recording average daily gain (ADG), feed intake [dry matter (DM); total digestible nutrient, crude protein (CP)] and digestibility of nutrients. Goats were fed wheat straw and concentrate mixture in the ratio of 60:40. Catone was supplemented @ 10g/kg in the ration of treatment group. Dry matter, DCP and TDN intake as well as nitrogen balance was improved (p<0.01). Digestibility of DM, OM, CP, EE, NFE and average daily gain (ADG) were also higher (p<0.01) in treatment group, while fiber digestibility remained comparable between groups. It can be concluded that supplementation of Catone @ 10g/kg in ration improves the digestibility of nutrients as well as average daily gain in goats.


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