Morphometric characterization of radius and ulna of Indian blackbuck (Antelope cervicapra)

2-Title: Morphometric characterization of radius and ulna of Indian blackbuck (Antelope cervicapra)

Authors: Om Prakash Choudhary, Ishwar Singh and Nishant Kumar

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(1):7-9.

How to cite this manuscript: Choudhary Om Prakash, Singh Ishwar and Kumar Nishant (2015). Morphometric characterization of radius and ulna of Indian blackbuck (Antelope cervicapra). Ruminant Science 4(1):7-9.


The present study was conducted on the radius and ulna of six adult Indian blackbuck of either sex. The radius was a long bone, relatively shorter and broader as compared to the ulna. The shaft was compressed cranio-caudally. The radial tuberosity was not recordable. Distally it possessed three grooves namely, medial, central and lateral, of which, the central one was the widest. The nutrient foramen was present variably between lateral border and lateral margin of proximal inter-osseous space. The ulna was an aborted and the longest bone of the forelimb. It consisted of a shaft and two extremities. The shaft was roughly prismatic and was strongly curved. The cranial surface was fused with radius except for two locations of inter-osseous spaces. The average greatest length of the radius and ulna of blackbuck was 16.13±0.013 cm and 19.92±0.01 cm, respectively.


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