Study on treatment efficacy of uterine torsion in Mehsana buffaloes

25-Title: Study on treatment efficacy of uterine torsion in Mehsana buffaloes

Authors: TV Sutaria, PS Kapadiya, HC Nakhashi, PM Chauhan, BN Suthar and VK Sharma

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(1):109-111.

How to cite this manuscript: Sutaria TV, Kapadiya PS, Nakhashi HC, Chauhan PM, Suthar BN and Sharma VK (2015). Study on treatment efficacy of uterine torsion in Mehsana buffaloes. Ruminant Science 4(1):109-111.


Seven Mehsana buffaloes, ageing 3-8 years suffering from uterine torsion were presented to clinics and treated. Out of which three cases (42.86%) could be relieved by modified Schaffers’ method whereas, four buffaloes needed caesarean section. All the fetuses were dead whereas, dam’s survival rate was 85.71 per cent (6/7) after assisted delivery. The overall conception rate after the treatment of uterine torsion was 66.66% (4/6), higher in treatment using modified schaffers’ method i.e. 100 per cent (3/3) and 33.33% (1/3) with cesarean section.


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