Histomorphological development of the collecting tubules and renal pelvis of the metanephros in goat foetii (Capra hircus)

3-Title: Histomorphological development of the collecting tubules and renal pelvis of the metanephros in goat foetii (Capra hircus)

Authors: Tanvi Mahajan, Kamal Sarma, S Suri and Jonali Devi

Source: Ruminant Science (2015)-4(1):11-14.

How to cite this manuscript: Mahajan Tanvi, Sarma Kamal, Suri S and Devi Jonali (2015). Histomorphological development of the collecting tubules and renal pelvis of the metanephros in goat foetii (Capra hircus). Ruminant Science 4(1):11-14.


The present study was conducted on the kidneys of 18 goat foetii. These were then divided into three groups based on their estimated ages viz. Group I (below 50 days of gestation), Group II (between 50-100 days of gestation) and Group III (above 100 days of gestation) containing 6 number of foetii in each group. At 46 (CRL=6.5 cm) to 50 (CRL=7.6 cm) days of gestation, the differentiating arched collecting tubules could be observed in the cortical part of the kidney (metanephros). At this age, the straight collecting tubules were lined by simple cuboidal epithelium with centrally placed oval nuclei. In group-II, well defined arched collecting tubules were observed lined with simple cuboidal to low columnar epithelium and the papillary ducts were lined by simple tall columnar epithelium. At 46 (CRL=6.8 cm) and 48 (CRL=7.5 cm) days of gestation, the renal pelvis could be observed in the kidney (metanephros). In all the foetii considered in this group, the renal pelvis was lined by transitional epithelium. In group III, at 108 days of gestation (CRL=24.0 cm), the straight collecting tubules were lined by low cuboidal epithelium. The lining epithelium of the tubules changes from cuboidal to tall columnar with advancing age, but, the same of the renal pelvis remains as transitional epithelium throughout the gestation period in goats.


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