Histopathological observations of renal amyloidosis in sheep (Ovis aries)

Title: Histopathological observations of renal amyloidosis in sheep (Ovis aries)

Authors: Sarita, H Dadhich, M Mathur, A Dadhich and VK Dhaka

Source: Ruminant Science (2016)-5(1):69-70.

Cite this reference as: Sarita, Dadhich H, Mathur M, Dadhich A and Dhaka VK (2016). Histopathological observations of renal amyloidosis in sheep (Ovis aries). Ruminant Science 5(1):69-70.


The present study was carried out during June 2015 to December 2015 to elucidate the occurrence of renal amyloidosis in sheep. A total number of 1,298 specimens of sheep kidneys were collected from North-West Rajasthan irrespective of age, sex and breeds. Out of these, 211 specimens of kidneys showing frank macroscopic lesions were further processed for histopathological examination. This condition was recorded in three (1.42 per cent) cases. Grossly, the kidneys were slightly enlarged and pale to yellow coloured with smooth to finely granular capsular surface. Microscopically, the amyloid gradually developed in glomeruli and basement membrane of the renal tubules. The normal glomerular architecture was replaced by eosinophilic, homogenous to slightly fibrillar material.


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