Evaluation of rumen fluid in indigestions in buffaloes

Title: Evaluation of rumen fluid in indigestions in buffaloes

Authors: SC Undirwade, KM Jadhav and Sarita Devi

Source: Ruminant Science (2016)-5(1):81-85.

Cite this reference as: Undirwade SC, Jadhav KM and Devi Sarita (2016). Evaluation of rumen fluid in indigestions in buffaloes. Ruminant Science 5(1):81-85.


The present study was conducted on 25 buffaloes, aged 4-6 years, to evaluate the alteration in rumen fluid constituents in primary and secondary indigestions. These were divided into 4 groups. Group A having 6 healthy buffaloes and were used as standard to compare with other animals. Nineteen buffaloes presented with history of loss of appetite for last 5-8 days were divided into 3 groups on the basis of rumen fluid examination viz., group B (Simple indigestion, n=7), group C (Acid indigestion, n=6) and group D (Alkaline indigestion, n=6). Except group A, overall body condition of animals was weak with pale to congested mucous membrane and inappetance to anorexia. The rumen motility remained suppressed significantly (P<0.05) while rectal temperature, heart rate and respiration rate remained in normal range in animals of group B, C and D. The ruminal fluid pH in animals from group B remained in normal range, whereas significantly elevated in animals of group D. Acid indigestion cases (Group C) had significant reduction in rumen fluid pH. The SAT and MBRT of all animals from group B were in normal range, whereas significantly (P<0.05) elevated in group C and D. The protozoal activity, protozoal density and iodophilic activity of protozoa ranged from absent to sluggish (+) in group C and absent to moderate (++) in group D.


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