Sonographic morphometry of the kidneys in healthy female Saanen goats

Title: Sonographic morphometry of the kidneys in healthy female Saanen goats

Authors: Abdelghafar RM and Almubarak AM

Source: Ruminant Science (2016)-5(1):103-106.

Cite this reference as: Abdelghafar RM and Almubarak AM (2016). Sonographic morphometry of the kidneys in healthy female Saanen goats. Ruminant Science 5(1):103-106.


Ultrasonographic scanning of the kidney is a reliable, non-invasive and non-time consuming method for measurements of kidney size. The aim of the present study was to measure the normal values of the kidney in healthy female Saanen goats under Sudan condition. Ultrasound of the kidneys was performed to measure the normal length, width, and thickness of the cortex and medulla of both kidneys. Thirty-two clinically healthy female Saanen goats were included in the study. A 3.5-5 MHz curvilinear probe was used in this study. Ultrasonography was performed while the animals were concious and in the standing position. Complete blood count and renal function tests were done and found to be within the reference value. The length, width, cortical and medullary thickness of the right kidney was 7.04±0.6, 3.81±0.50, 1.05±0.3 and 1.74±0.3 cm, respectively. For the left kidney they were 6.91±0.6, 3.81±0.5, 1.01±0.2 and 1.79±0.4 cm, respectively. The cortico-medullary ratio for the right and left kidneys were 0.63±0.3% and 0.59±0.2%, respectively. No significant differences were observed between the measurements of both the kidneys. It was concluded that ultrasound was a rapid and reliable method for evaluation of the measurements of the normal kidney in goats.


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