Variation in growth hormone gene and its association with growth traits in Osmanabadi goat

Title: Variation in growth hormone gene and its association with growth traits in Osmanabadi goat

Authors: Sangamesh, MM Appannavar, HM Yathish, Vaishali Hiremath, Shrikant Kulkarni, B Ramachandra and MD Suranagi

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(1):79-83.

Cite this reference as: Sangamesh, Appannavar MM, Yathish HM, Hiremath Vaishali, Kulkarni Shrikant, Ramachandra B and Suranagi MD (2017). Variation in growth hormone gene and its association with growth traits in Osmanabadi goat. Ruminant Science 6(1):79-83.


The present study was conducted with an objective to find genetic variation in growth hormone gene of Osmanabadi goat and to find its association with growth traits. Amplicon of 768bp spanning between exon 2 and exon 4 was isolated from the gDNA of 60 Osmanabadi goats. PCR-RFLP analysis has revealed two genotypes AA and AB which allowed the identification of two alleles A and B. The frequencies of AA and AB genotypes were 0.53 and 0.47, respectively and that of A and B alleles were 0.77and 0.23, respectively. For association of these genotypes, different growth traits were measured. The mean ±SE values of body weight, height at wither, body length, and chest girth were 37.49±0.84 kg, 79.88±0.84 cm, 73.38±0.58 cm and 76.25±0.54 cm, respectively in male Osmanabadi goats while in female Osmanabadi goats the mean values of the body measurements were 32.56±0.56 kg, 75.71±0.54 cm, 71.03±0.58 cm and 74.93±0.54 cm. The measurements of all growth traits were found to be significantly (p<0.05) affected by sex effect. Association of growth hormone gene with growth traits was studied in female Osmanabadi goats only and it

showed non-significant difference between groups with goat of AA and AB genotype.


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