Development and quality assessment of nutritional carabeef cookies

Title: Development and quality assessment of nutritional carabeef cookies

Authors: M Goswami, BD Sharma, SK Mendiratta and V Pathak

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(1):163-167.

Cite this reference as: Goswami M, Sharma BD, Mendiratta SK and Pathak V (2017). Development and quality assessment of nutritional carabeef cookies. Ruminant Science 6(1):163-167.


The present study was carried out to nutritious carabeef cookies replacing refined wheat with carabeef powder at three different levels viz. 40, 50 and 60%. Developed carabeef cookies along with control were evaluated for various physico-chemical, proximate, textures, color values and sensory evaluation. The mean pH and cooking yield values decreased, whereas moisture, protein, fat and ash percentage increased significantly with incorporation of carabeef powder. Thickness and diameter of cooked cookies decreased whereas spread ratio increased significantly as compared to control cookies. Texture and color values differed significantly between control and treatments products. All sensory attributes differed significantly except mean texture and after taste scores, whereas color and appearance, flavor and overall acceptability scores had no significant differences up to 50% carabeef powder incorporation. Findings of the study indicated that highly acceptable carabeef cookies could be prepared by incorporation of 50% carabeef powder in formulation.


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