Computed radiographic diagnosis of diverse surgical affections in goats

Title: Computed radiographic diagnosis of diverse surgical affections in goats

Authors: Nem Chand Yadav, SK Jhirwal, P Bishnoi and TK Gahlot

Source: Ruminant Science (2017)-6(1):185-190.

Cite this reference as: Yadav Nem Chand, Jhirwal SK, Bishnoi P and Gahlot TK (2017). Computed radiographic diagnosis of diverse surgical affections in goats. Ruminant Science 6(1):185-190.


Present study was conducted on 37 goats to diagnosed diverse surgical affections using computed radiography. Out of which 16 (43.24 %) were males and 21 (56.76 %) were females. The occurrence of diverse affections was recorded in various regions of the body i.e. head and neck (13.51%), thoraco-abdomen (16.22%), fore limb (40.54%), hind limb (24.32%) and perineum (5.40%). Computed radiography was found suitable to diagnose the various musculoskeletal and soft tissue affections in goats.      


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